IMG_1322Christie Marangi is the Minister to Children and Families at Element.  She love Jesus, her family, and existential cats, in that order. When she isn’t running children’s and youth programs at Element, she is at home in Nipomo with her three children, two grand babies and wonderful husband

Christie is passionate about bringing families back into the spot of spiritual nurturers of their children.  Her thirteen years in ministry has taught her that God intends parents to be the spiritual teachers of their children, and the Church needs to support that role.  Everything efamily! does is intended to do just that.

You can contact Christie at,

Jenna picJenna Heuchert is efamily! Sunday Experience Coordinator  When she isn’t being Christie’s right hand, she is at home with her amazing husband , adorable baby, and her feisty cat, Boo.  Jenna has her hands in all aspects of Sunday mornings in efamily!  She is the efamily! details guru.

You can contact Jenna at


United states, California, san luis obispo, Paso RoblesCory Morris is our boyishly handsome coordinator for the High School students. He brings sound theology, an ability to relate to the students in a special way, and a wicked Scatterball arm. Cory spends his time divided between doing an amazing job with High Schoolers and being a scholar at college as well as devoted husband to his patient wife. You can contact Cory at


Efamily!  wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the scores of volunteer leaders, teachers, coordinators, and assistants that generously donate their time.  For all of them, we are so thankful!  If you would like to be a part of the team, email either Christie, or Jenna at the above addresses.