welcomeWe are so glad that you are here! Thanks for spending a Sunday with us! We hope that your experience is a pleasant one from beginning to end. If you would like to pre-register so we can prepare for your visit, click here.

The first place you will go will be our ekids! Check in kiosk, located right next to our toddler playground. (You can’t miss it!) Once there, let a staff member know that you are a visitor and you will get priority check in (look for the efamily lanyard). Once your labels are printed for your children, and you receive your parent voucher, we will escort you to your child’s classrooms.  

At the classrooms, you will find a helpful and background checked + Fingerprinted  leader who will welcome you. They will write down your child’s name on their roster, and invite you into the classroom. Don’t be afraid to check the classroom out, we love to show parents what we do! Once your child is settled, and you are comfortable, we invite you to attend service, knowing your child is well taken care of.

After service, come back to the classroom you dropped off your child and show the leader the parent voucher you received at check in. They will match your number up to your child’s and bring your child to you. They will then take your voucher from you and remove your child’s sticker, indicating that your child has been released to you.

We hope that you have a wonderful Sunday experience with us in eKids! and at Element. We can’t wait to see you again!