20161215_193255We just held our annual Christmas Party with the Youth here at Element.  At our party you can depend on three things:  There will be ugly Christmas sweaters, there will be amazing food prepared by fantastic parents, and there will be a dragon puzzle that was framed fought over in the white elephant gift exchange.  All three point to the amazing love of Jesus.  Here’s how:

  • Jesus makes the ugliness of our sin beautiful.
  • Jesus often taught around the dinner table the beauty of His Gospel message.
  • Jesus considers even the most ridiculous of our gifts useful for His purpose.

Actually, this party wasn’t planned to be a super spiritual event, although everything can be used to God’s glory, even ugly sweaters.  We want it to be a time of building relationships, which is why we ask everyone to invite a friend.  Some of them actually follow through on that.

So enjoy the images of the night.  Until then, I’ll be searching for another dragon puzzle, because I didn’t get the one I wanted.

20161215_185241 20161215_184855 20161215_184846 20161215_184908 20161215_200751

Ho Ho Whoa that’s Ugly!