We get questions all the time about when to get kids their first Bible. sarah-noltner-lyg1Swf5J_0-unsplashWhen is the perfect time? What type of Bible should we get? What’s the best translation? Read on and get the answers you seek!

The perfect time to get a Bible into your child’s hand is as soon as they are born! How awesome would it be to have your child grow up already familiar with what a Bible is before they can speak!
Babies and Toddlers do well with sturdy books that they can handle and be rough with. Board books with simple sayings are perfect starters. The Beginner’s Bible has a cute one here.
Preschoolers do well with storybook bibles. Pick a Bible storybook with bright colors and well-drawn pictures. Gone are the days of the Renaissance Art Bible storybooks. The pictures in my old Bible storybook still haunt my dreams. Not really, but I certainly never picked the book up to peruse. Again, The Beginner’s Bible gets my vote. These are good too.
Elementary kids benefit from full text Bibles, even if they can’t read all the words yet. There are wonderful texts with easy-to-understand translations. My favorite translation for early elementary is NIrV. It’s New International Reader’s Version. There are plenty of wonderful designs from Adventure Bibles to graphic novel themes. Epic Bible was created by the same people whose curriculum I love and that your children see each week. If your child isn’t into graphic novels, Defend your Faith Bible is apologetics based for ages 8-12.
As your child grows and ages, so should their Bible! By the time your child graduates from sixth grade, they should also graduate to a student Bible. These Bibles focus on items that are more relevant to your child’s life in this stage.
High Schoolers are well and ready for an adult study Bible that will take them through their college years. Artistic teens may enjoy this coloring bible
; heck, I may order it too! Include your teens in choosing their Bible. Bibles, as you probably already know through choosing your own, are a personal object that they will treasure for years to come.
It can be overwhelming choosing a Bible for your kids, but hopefully this gives you a jumpstart. Have fun with it! Make it another wonderful memory to add to your and your child’s life!

Help! My Child Needs a Bible!