I think when we think of evil, we think of this tangible thing that lurks around corners in dark alleyways, or grabs our feet when they hang over the edge of the bed. hands-984032_1920 In reality, evil lurks right with us all the time, in our hearts.  We have a sin nature that we will always fight against.But where did that evil come from?

One of my students was wrestling with that question recently.  Her logic was that if we are evil and God created us, did that mean that God created evil?  It’s not quite that simple.  The truth is that just like everything else humans touch, we were gifted with something good, that we ended up perverting, and the result is evil.

Rather than write it all out, since hardly anyone likes to read anymore, I created a two minute video explaining what I mean.  Enjoy!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW7zE7jZBuw



Evil In Me