portrait-1061047_1280How many of us have felt disconnected to Jesus at some point in their life?  In my life?  How about this week!?  This is a normal part of our faith walk, and you and I as parents and adults have gone through it, so we know that it happens.  For your teens, this may be the first time they are questioning their faith, so it can be a scary process.  Here are some ways that you can help:

  1.  Modeling:  Make sure they know you have had these times as well, and model the actions they should be taking.  Prayer, study, alone time with Jesus; these are things that it is important that your kids see you doing.
  2. Conversation:  Tell your kids that God’s grace covers us, even when we have doubts.  Faith is continuing the walk even when your brain tells you otherwise.  Let your kids know that even when we doubt, Jesus is there and he loves us through it.  The fact that we have a loving God that allows us to doubt should tell us how amazing God is!
  3. Prayer:  Pray with your kids and ask them if you can ask others to pray for them as well.  Request prayer for yourselves as parents navigating this with your kids while you are at it.  Ask your teen to pray that their eyes be opened if the problem that they are encountering has something to do with a particular sin in their life.  Sin keeps us distanced from God and hinders our relationships.
  4. Community:  God created us to be in community!  Investigate if your teen’s community is helping or hindering their walk and talk to your teen about it. Invite your student to participate in your Gospel Community.  Encourage them to go to youth group or join a Student GC.
  5. Encourage:  Let your student know you’ve been there, you’ve struggled through with the power of Jesus, and that they are loved and covered by grace.  Keep checking in with them and letting them know that you are there for them.

There isn’t a checklist that can ensure that your child’s faith doesn’t falter from time to time, or even, more frightening as a parent, that they may turn their backs on God.  Our kids have to make that choice for themselves.  But as a parent you can do your best to be there for them while they are muddling through the messy issues of life.

How do I Respond to my Teen When They Feel Disconnected?
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