One of the Ten Commandments instructs us to honor and keep one day a week devoted to God and rest (Exodus 20:8-11). Here are a few ways to add to your Parenting Toolkit to keep Sunday special:

  • Worship together. Make it a priority for everyone to attend church together. Church is much more important than any sporting activity or birthday party. A few principles decided in advance (we always attend church on Sunday) will help your children learn what is most significant in life.
  • Plan ahead. Lay out the clothes everyone will wear (even socks and accessories). Assign responsibilities (older ones helping with the younger ones). Get to bed early on Saturday night. It’s hard to pay attention in church if everyone stayed up late watching The Monster Who Ate Cleveland. If everyone is ready to go and in the car on time, stop at the donut shop on the way to church, and bring me one!!tool-box-2124616_1280
  • Plan special activities. One family had a “Sunday Suitcase.” Each week, parents
  • put something inside the suitcase to be opened after church that they could all do together. If there was a set of keys, it meant they would go for a drive. If there was a game, they would all play it together. If there was a video, they would all watch it together. Another family had “Sunday toys”—special, fun toys that they took out on Sundays and then the box was put away until the next Sunday.
  • Visit with family and friends. Enjoy simple meals together. Facetime or speak with family if they are far away.
  • Serve others. Make and take a treat (cookies) to someone. Visit a nursing home. Make cards for someone who is sick. Think of things you would want to do for others, but don’t have time to do throughout the week.

God gave us one day of the week to worship and rest. Make Sunday a day that your kids will look forward to. Whatever you do, make it a special day!

5 Ways to make Sundays Special