Upcoming Events  March/April 2019

IMG_4234 Who doesn’t love Fritos covered in chili and cheese?  Our Middles and High Schoolers will be selling and serving these little delicacies after all three services on March 31.  Each purchase of $8.00 comes with a drink and helps send our students to Summer Camp or Summer Missions Trip.




        Take a few hours as a family to tell the Easter story to your kids in a new and fun way! Each family gets a list of clues and runs off to their car to hit the road.  At each stop listed on your clue sheet, a picture is taken and sent via text and the family answers questions to direct you to the meaning of the space, and what it has to do with the Easter Story.  Return to Element for a BBQ lunch and time with other families.

IMG_4240 Yum!  Pancakes!  All the kids get delicious pancakes at all three services.  Just because!

Remember the days of building forts out of boxes and blankets?  They’re back!  With a twist of course.   IMG_4241Spend the night building the forts up, and then knocking them down as you pelt each other with Nerf darts.  All Middles and High Schoolers are invited.